One of the most acclaimed modern directors, David Fincher has provided us with some of the most striking imagery to come out of Hollywood in recent times. For more great video content, please subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Since the famously torrid time he had with studio meddling on Alien 3 (1992), David Fincher has established himself as one of the great directors of the last 25 years. Seven (1995) launched his career and, in following up with the likes of Fight Club (1999), Panic Room (2002), Zodiac (2007), and The Social Network (2010), he has cemented a position as an event movie maker, and one of the most influential of his generation.

Fincher has a reputation for slick camerawork, perfect editing, interesting colour palettes, and being a director who seamlessly blends modern CGI visual effects with classic shot-making. Watch our video below for the best examples of these, plus a lot more.

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